Mr. Ryuji Takahashi of "Ji-sakeya", a local sake specialty store, visited our brewery. Mr. Takahashi is in the center of the photo, and Professor Ito of the Faculty of Agriculture, Niigata University is on the far right.
We were very impressed with Nietzsche's words quoted in Mr. Takahashi'scolumnin the September issue of the monthly Bimy.
Ryuji Takahashi
We received a lacquered vessel from the Kobayashi Buddhist altar shop in Uchino-machi.
When tasting sake was made with a lacquered vessel, 5 out of 5 people evaluated it as delicious. We were very surprised to see the change in sake quality that we had never experienced before.
A lacquered vessel that use unique techniques such as metallic lacquer are also on sale.
Lacquered vesselMetallic lacquerPainter Kiyonori Kobayashi
We visited Yuki Takei's gallery, which opened on May 24th.
Gallery open
The app "Sakeai" developed by Mr. Daichi Niiyama has been released.
Sakeai release
Tabiit and Shiokawa Sake Brewery have collaborated.
Mr. Nishino's first DJ challenge, aerial photography from the drone was also wonderful. TABIIT collaboration event
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TABIIT Hiroki NishinoHiroki Nishino Shiokawa Sake BreweryTABIIT Shiokawa Sake Brewery Hiroki Nishino Shiokawa Sake BreweryTABIIT Shiokawa Sake Brewery
Students from the Niigata University Sake Project had a sake brewing experience.
Niigata University Sake ProjectSake project brewing experienceSake project brewing experience
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