Tokyo Sake Collection 2021 was held!
Limited sale of collaboration products with illustrator Miyuki Matsuzaki san, lacquer manga artist Mr. Yuki Takei, voice actor Kaori Maeda san and Yurie Funato san.
Miyuki Matsuzaki san / NOPA
It is a work of Miyuki Matsuzaki san

Kaori Maeda san & Yurie Funato san
It is a collaboration product with Kaori Maeda san & Yurie Funato san.

Yuki Takei / FishermanYuki Takei / Cowboy
It is a work of Mr. Yuki Takei

NTT docomo's cross-border EC site has opened.
A sake brewing experience for the sake project was held.
Limited sake "Cat Help Sake" will be on sale at the Cat Festival in Yushima!
This sakel was produced at the request of the Meishu Center, and the cat festival in Yushima was held from February 20th to March 21st.
The sake label design is the work of illustrator Erica Ward. Cat Help Sake
It was published in the February issue of Bimmy's visit to the brewery.
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